Author John Telford says,
Bleakley weaves a story that is both searching and purposeful. An entertaining work and no fairy tale ending, I couldn’t put the book down.

Obtaining FDA approval to market a drug is often knowing the right people and taking good care of them. It has nothing to do with good science. It’s a matter of form over substance and it’s good form to take care of your friends.

When an unfaithful husband headed toward an unwanted divorce takes a drug noted for its effects of causing bizarre behavior and winds up killing his wife, who is to blame? Is it the killer or the avaricious drug company making huge profits and trying to hide news of the drug’s terrible effects? A jury decides guilt or innocence . . . or does it?


About the Author

Tom Bleakly is a trial lawyer with a special interest in science. He has tried criminal and numerous civil cases involving complex medical and scientific issues throughout the United States. Before he became a trial lawyer, he was a special representative for a major pharmaceutical corporation and the Director of Substance Abuse Services for the Michigan Department of Corrections. He divides his time between Lakewood Ranch, Florida and Elk Rapids, Michigan.